About Us

Just So Posh was built by a team of marketers, John Wagner, Sean Grady, and Pat Grady. In 2016, when the opportunity came along for us to acquire JustSoPosh.com from a friend, we jumped at the chance. A few months later, we realized our initials John Sean Pat, and Just So Posh, were surely meant to be!

As marketers, we saw the chance to build a new technology platform that worked well on mobile, and allowed extensive customization, even while roaming on cell phones. It took us a few tries to get the technology right, but we know from our growth rate and rave reviews, things are now going very, very well for our shoppers.

We designed Just So Posh so you can choose to do very little personalization, all items are ready to add a name or initials, and check out. But, and here comes the fun part, if the mood strikes you, and you want to change a lot of things to make the design your own, you can edit the font style, the background color, and so much more. Go for it! We promise it'll be speedy, even on a mobile phone, and the high resolution designs we produce, will amaze you.

We hope your experience, from start to finish, is Just So Posh!