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Personalized Striped Placemat - Brown and White Stripes - Light Grey Square Frame


Quick Overview

Personalize this brown and white striped placemat with light grey square frame for your dining area or kitchen table with your initials, a family name or even a phrase. These placemats are easy to wash and care for. Create one for each member of your family so they have a designated spot at the table. There are no personalization fees on this item. Change the style of the frame! The design repeats on the front and the back side of the placemat.
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  • Personalized Striped Placemat - Brown and White Stripes

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    Product Specifications
    • Size: 17.5" x 11.375"
    • Corners: Rounded
    • Made From: High Quality Laminated 110# Gloss Card Stock
    • Care Instructions: Wash with soft damp cloth. Do not place in dishwasher.

    Additional Information

    Placemat AccessoriesFor use on our placemeats, we recommend shopping at Amazon for their selection of crayons, markers, and cleaning supplies.
    For your little ones, Crayola makes excellent Washable Markers and Washable Crayons.
    Additionally, Expo Dry Erase Markers write more clearly, clean up easier, and are low-odor.
    We advise that you DO NOT use permanent markers, such as Sharpie. These can be cleaned off to a small degeree, but they will leave color stains on our placemats.
    For easy clean-up, Purell Hand Sanitizer and Isopropyl Alcohol both do an amazing job of removing any art drawn on our placemats using our recommended markers and crayons.
    BrandJust So Posh
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