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Personalized Jersey Number 3-on-1 Stripes Sports Beach Towel - Netherlands - Vertical Design


Quick Overview

Personalize the text, font, and design element colors to create a unique gift which is perfect for lying on the beach or lounging by the pool. Our 30" x 60" beach towels are conveniently lightweight, yet they're still soft and durable, and dry quickly. Towel is thin (easy to throw in the washer, fast drying, lightweight, packs well). This is not a bath towel, it is not thick or plush.
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  • Personalized Netherlands Beach Towel

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    Product Specifications
    • Size: 30.0" x 60.0"
    • Made From: 35% Polyester / 65% Cotton
    • Care Instructions: Machine washable for easy care
    • Thin enough to fit in a crowded bag or suitcase
    • Lightweight yet soft and durable
    • Dry quickly in the sun
    • Your selected patterns, shapes and fonts print very crisply and cleanly on our thin pile beach towel, that's something you can't do on a thick pile bathroom towel.

    Additional Information

    Thin TowelTo get a high quality print onto the towel, they are first combed flat, then pressed, then printed.
    So when you receive your towel, it will feel very flat.
    After 3 washes, the towel will feel much softer, and it will be somewhat thicker, and no longer pressed flat.
    It won't ever grow to become a thick, plush bath towel, but it does feel considerably better after 3 wash cycles.
    If you think it's too flat, wash it 3 times -- your item is still eligible for a full refund even if you've washed it several times.
    BrandJust So Posh
    Stock Status In Stock
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